Hewwo and Welcome to my digital den! I am your webmaster in this corner of cyberspace; The CY83RPR1MM13. Or Phie :). Here you can find my writings, blog posts, webshrines, and whatever else I feel belongs here. This site is born out of my love of the 'old web' and hours spent surfing personal sites and blogs in the '00s, and strong belief that an abandoning of corporate social media in favor of the new 'small web' is a necessity in reclaiming comfortable and safe digital spaces. I'm probably going to talk about that a lot here, it seems to be the appropriate space to.

Expect plenty of talking about '00s web and pop culture, lefty shit; as well as adult language and themes. I have lots to say and I'm finally going to start saying them to someone other than myself and my long-suffering friends. This site aims to be a place where I can fully stretch out my big messy authentic self, curated to no standards except my own. Nothing else really. Just a cozy digital den for a CY83RPR1MM13.

Enjoy your stay, browse as much as you like, maybe leave a note in my Guestbook or shoot me an email @ cy83rpr1mm13@protonmail.com about whatever content on the site you have something to say about! Or just with some choice Kevin Smith Huge Jorts images, if you have them.


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  • New blog post (10/15) It's my birthday! 🍠🍠
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