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Welcome to my webzone; I'm Cy83r, or Phie :3 I'm a full-time fucking nerd and care giver to my wife. Sometimes we do internet stuff together; this is not one of those times. I have a vague and approximate knowledge of many things; check out my About for a more complete list and more intensive beg for you to email me about your favorite dinner.

What is the point, luv?

Chillin :3
I will post media reviews or unhinged rants that aproximate the look and feel of a media review, share templates or css snippets, post about my hobbies and things I'm doing, or just uhmm. Make another silly little page? Who knows. :-3 I write fiction also, but I don't publish it. It's all porn.

This is just a nice place to throw a bunch of stuff that I do that cannot be fit into corporate social media. I wish to engage with the community again, but I just can't seem to find an in!

Outside of Neocities: You could probably find me! Don't! Contact me over email and I will gladly lead you to a second social location.

For a 2 years here, as a gift to myself, I cleared out some old things I no longer want to publish and redesigned my layout. If there was some sort of information of value to you in my blog, reach out over email. I've maintained archives.

What about your goals, girlthing?

I'm just trying to be content :3 Also I wanna own a kei-class truck.

Shit to look at

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🛠 To Do 🛠

Update Log :3

I remade it. Well not all of it. New Home and about page, alongside a fresh start on the blog page into something a little bit more productive and foreward facing. I'm doing better now! I'm learning to enjoy a lot of things even more than I was before. I hope to do more computer touching stuff soon. It's hard! Did you know that sometimes a pipe leaks and someone just like puts a towel down and ignores it? Imagine inheriting a lot of that and you'll understand my exhaustion! If I don't see you again, have a great summer!

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