Hi there :3c

I am Phie :3c! The webmaster of this cozy corner of cyberspace. I fancy myself a big ol' smart person and love to listen to myself talk. I like Star Trek, watching and critiquing '00s comedies, and neopets quite a lot.

I'm a nonbinary lesbian, using She/her or Hi/hir/his (pronounced he/her/his, always spelt with an I) pronouns and I was born in the late 90s. I originally hail from the frozen north so despite my not really getting online until '08 much of the tech I used until the mid '10s was from the late '90s, so I have a fondness for manila cases, CRTs, and 4:3 aspect ratios.

I spent my early days on the web in chat rooms and using messanger clients like Yahoo and MSN. The first site I remember well that I used socially was a terrible bloatware that used to get advertized on daytime TV while my mom watched her soaps. The first one I remember fondly is TinierMe, a chatbox with avatars you get to play dress up with, and tons of Gacha games for apparel. It died in the US just a few short years after it introduced me to several formative online communities.

I remain heavily nostalgic for chatboxes embedded on websites, particularly anime streaming sites; their shows hosted via megaupload only allowing me two and a half episodes a day. Now I just binge series to the point of madness.

Favorite Movies and TV;
♡ Star Trek {DS9 and VOY primarily}
♡ Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)
♡ Friday The 13th {Original franchise up to and including Jason X}
♡ What We Do In The Shadows
♡ Fruits Basket (Original Anime)
♡ Food Wars {Shokugeki no Soma}
Favorite Digital Content;
♡ Neopets.com
♡ YouTube Video Essays
♡ Many a long dead chatroom and wix and weebly site
♡ Too many lesbian webcomics to list
♡ Dungeons & Dragons Online ♡

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November, 1st, 22
Harrow The Ninth Liveblog postponed temporarily due to inconcievable rage at Bloober Team being handed Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill 2 fixation active until further notice.
August, 26th, 22
Uploaded the start of The Locked Tomb shrine a few days ago, includes a sick skeletal landing page and my on-going 'live' blog of Harrow the Ninth. I hope you enjoy :-) Find it under Web Shrines.
June, 18th, 22
Only a few minor updates, changed a link on my links page out for SomaFM, updated my pronouns (no more they/them, now we get weird about it), ect, ect. Currently working on several pages that will be out, eventually. I fixed my mechanical keyboard today so writing pages is easy and stimmy again!
May, 10th, 22
Hello hello, I am working on some pages, but I just wanted to pop in and say I have moved! It's great.

But I did sign in and notice I've been recieving some less than comfortable attentions, so I thought I'd make a quick page to set the record straight. Check it out under 'feminism'.
Apr. 23rd, 22
I'm still in the process of moving, but my stress hit a point where I had to go nuts. So I went nuts. Go find a new 3000 word essay under the webshrines tab! This time it's about a late 00's sitcom: How I Met Your Mother.
Yeah that's not the most enticing premise but I've been told it's a good read by my dear friends.
Mar. 20th, 22;
I haven't died, life is just a lot; new blog post with vague details. I hope to pick up productivity again in May-June, after I've finished moving.
Jan. 3rd, 22;
No actual site update, I just want to say Happy New Year and that my mechanchical keyboard has malfunctioned and I just cannot get the same accuracy on a membrane, so I've been avoiding excess typing. I hope to repair it soon and return to work on my Star Trek Shrine and blog. Have a good 2022 everyone, take it easy. But take it.
Nov. 30th, 21;
Updated retroshare.html with more information on PortFowarding; created shrine directory and styled not_found.html :-)
Nov. 29th, 21; Part II
Finally wrote two articles I said I was going to do. And made a new directory page for them. I'm not fixated, who says I'm fixated?
Nov. 29th, 21;
Fall clean up is complete! Home Page has been edited to include a link to the Neopets Shrine; additional buttons added to the Marquee and Link Page. Various old files and duplicates removed, alongside a ton of small edits to css here and there for a bit more responsiveness on various sizes of desktop monitor.
Nov. 28th, 21;
New Layout! New Chatbox! Updates to Project Hell! Wow! I finally did some work!
Nov. 15th, 21;
Total blog restructuring! Go check it out along side the new directory.
Okay maybe not total, the homepage is still the same. But the storage is totally restructured, and all of the posts sorted into nice little content directories.
Nov 14th, 21;
Project Hell has been updated
Blog posts and Jortzones and Neopets shrines oh my!! Go explore my directory to see what you've missed!

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