Cool Links + Resources

Neocities and Sites with Buttons

Bare Links

Search engine with different algorithms preferring old-web and text heavy sites.

Another search engine for web 1.0 compliant sites.

Google Fonts

Free webfont service provided by google, used on this site.

Webpage serving as an HTML reference with links to generators and a CSS cheatsheet.

RV's Javascript/DHTML Effects

Free javascript stylings, none in use here but I think they're neat :)

Graphics site I've been stealing from using for 11 years.

GeoCities era .gif search engine.

An option for graphics that I do have bookmarked but haven't browsed fully.

Blinkie makers

Tiling backgrounds, one of which you can see on *this* page. Also as my Linux Wallpaper.

Literally always open in my browser when I'm doing layouts; excellent resource for HTML's named colors.

ComputerHope - HTML Colors

A much more in depth resource for digital colors, helpful for both HEX codes and RGB values.

Neopets image archive, instrumental in web dev if you ask me.

Quizzes, tutorials, ect, ect.

Rediscovering the Small Web

An essay I like that pushed me towards doing this site.

Expect infrequent updates to this page as my bookmarks expand; check out the neocities in the left panel for more pages full of links.
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