The Locked Tomb

Have you ever considered the potentials of lesbian necromancers in space? Do you want to now that I've presented it as a possibility available to you? Dope. Consider: The Locked Tomb series by Tamsyn Muir. There's a lot I could tell you, but really. Just trust me: if you've ever been a spooky lesbian who wants women who are so very terrible for each other to kiss, it will give you everything you've ever wanted.

The first book of the series, Gideon The Ninth, forcuses on Gideon Nav's point of view on a situation that is a clusterfuck basically as soon as it starts. And she's a beautiful butch with puns and aviators; tasked with protecting a necromancer. She and said necromancer, Harrowhark Nonagesimus, have hated each other their entire lives. It's beautiful. Their loathing is palpable.

The second book, Harrow The Ninth, gets fucking weird about it, from the 42 pages I've read so far.

This page will one day be an excited fanshrine full of ideas and thematic analysis or, whatever it is I chose to do. For now it is simply a directory. Click the link to the side to see my Harrow The Ninth 'live' blog or look below to see my collection of skeleton .gifs that I think Gideon Nav would also have saved.