I don't have a lot to say about Kevin Smith actually.

I really enjoy that he just dresses like this, despite being famous and having like, a decent amount of money.

I did enjoy Clerks, though I haven't seen it except for when I was stoned out of my mind, probably freshly 18.

Can't honestly say I've seen more of his work than Clerks, either. Maybe one day I'll branch out, but I'm actually quite bad about watching new things.

I also can't say I know much more about Kevin Smith aside from "guy who made Clerks and Mallrats" and "Kevin Smith Huge Jorts" the autofilling search I preform once a quarter.

I don't think it's necessary that I know of his art to appreciate him. His huge jorts are all I need.

I do know his style of speech infuriates me. Here is a snippet of that.

The phrase "lensing flicks" is something I think about far too often
for how much it actually annoys me. Everything else he's saying here is fine. Do not ask me about whatever opinions Kevin Smith holds. I truly don't know. I don't want to. They would ruin the pure and untainted joy that Kevin Smith Huge Jorts brings me.

I need that joy to carry me through sometimes.

I know I saw some wild tweet from him in 2020. I don't remember what it said. Do not bring it to my attention.

Do Not Ruin These Jorts For Me.

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