I am so full of ideas it's actually exhausting? I can't manage to keep myself focused on a single project long enough to finish it, because of the constant and unending flow of things I could potentially be doing. It's great I love it. That's only mostly sarcastic.

So what's the solution? Start an additional new project to keep track of all of the project ideas I have! Of course! Have I intentionally chosen this poorly readable font to discourage anyone other than myself reading this page? Yes! I have! Great Eye, Reader!

(Currently) High Priority

How to Clean

I like cleaning. Most of my friends were not taught to clean. That sucks. Let's talk about how to clean your shit.
Current Plan's page count: So many lets not count them okay?
Progress: Some of it is done and some of it isn't. It's lookin cute so far, but parts might get scrapped in the coming days.

To Do:

Links and button updates

I've got new mutuals, I've got new sites, I've gotta do some fuckin' updates! I'll get it done over time, I prommy. If you made me a gift I'll give it a place to live sooo soon. I, again, prommy.

Summer Layout

This is the lowest priority of current projects, but I really want to switch to something Summery! I missed spring, so let's just pretend it's not a season, alright?

Slowly Chipping Away At

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Shrine

I like deep space nine a whole lot, here's a place to dump my feelings about it.
Current Plan's Page Count: Three, with room for expansion after launch.
Progress: index.html completed, cast page started, third page roughly planned in my brain.

To Do:

Soup Faerie Neoshrine Expansion

I have recipes and really enjoy cooking, so I want to make a soup Faerie themed recipe section of the Neoshrine.
Current Plan's Page Count: Oh, i dunno. So far its just the bare structure of html.
Progress: Barely Begun.

To Do:

Static Sites 101

This is just a way to teach one of my besties and my girlfriend html and the way I make static sites, because I really, really, really, want them to make websites. Maybe it will also help someone else :-).
Current Plan's Page Count: Vague, so far I've got three lesson pages thought of and one project, plus recommended software page.
Progress: Index created, lesson 00 started, reccomendation page list compiling.

To Do:

Super Special Project for My Girlfriend

It's not like a present, she knows about it, we're working together on a website for one of her projects!
Current Plan's Page Count: unknowable and vast
Progress: layout created, whatever Ceph has done.

Linux Guide for Informal Nerds

I hate available Linux resources, goal here is to have a resource I'm comfortable sending to my friends that contains all of the contextual information I needed to start using Linux.
Current Plan's Page Count: at least 3?
Progress: Introduction is in rough draft stage, vaguely planned out the rest.

To Do:

Ideas I'm still Thinking about

Yar-Har Fiddle-dee-dee: all about Piracy

Which I do not endorse in anyway; you should always pay for copyrighted content. Because copyright is a thing that really matters and ideas are absolutely something you can patent because they are not derivatives of every idea that came before them.

Plan pitch: Probably just a guided tour of my set up as well as some technical explanations, software recommendations, and collated further reading links.
Progress: a glimmer in my eye

Ideal To-Do

I love lists, I love to-do lists, I love checking off tasks. I despise using paper and losing note pads and apps that paywall features or ones meant for project management not life. I wanna make my perfect To-Do list app.

Plan Pitch: A To-Do list with simple UI and a task list that refreshses daily; for the managment of self care easy to forget when you struggle with routine.
Progress: Basic feature set decided on, need to decide what to write it in. Current contenders are as a Linux Cinnamon Applet, Godot 'game', or python program.

Achewood Thing

I have many things to say about Achewood and the way it is a perfect mirror into pop culture in the 2000s as well as a thorough examination of toxic masculinity.

Project Pitch: what if the funny talking animals comic is a crystal clear mirror into the deeper themes of comedy during the time it was made? What if I'm a pretentious dickhead?
Progress: Need. To. Finish. Achewood.


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