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It's posts about Star Trek! I love Star Trek. Hope to have a Trek page up someday.

Sept. 25, 21;

I have been a very sleepy sheepy for the last [glances to last post, counts on fingers] 3 days (I've been good today, actually which is why I am writing a blog post). I slept for an average of 18 hours daily from the 21st-24th. It was very refreshing but now I'm so terribly stiff. My kitchen is also a mess about it. The few hours I've been waking however, I have been watching (guess now!), Deep Space Nine! :-)
Oh also playing Octopath Traveler finally it's really fun. The story is pretty subpar but if you like JRPG's you've probably looked past that before for combat systems you enjoy. I'm a sucker for turn-based combat and I love the combat system so far. Cyrus is boring but I believe He will stay in my party for the foreseeable future, since he just streamlines the weakness system so effectively.

Onto DS9:

I finished season four, I'm on episode 3 of season 5 right now. I didn't pay a Ton of attention to season 4. I do like it, it's got some good episodes in it like. Uhm. Yeah I can't think of any off the top of my head. But hey, remember that episode where an alien manifestation starts stimulating Jake Sisko's brain to make him write very well very quickly and it's like, killing him? Yeah, so, why does Jake Sisko keep getting plots where he's in some sort of; oddly intimate or grooming situation with an older woman? At least in this episode it's like, a problem, but I haven't forgottem about him being a 16 year old dating a 20 year old dabo girl. What's that about Rick Berman? Yes everything I don't like about DS9 is specifically only Rick Berman's fault; you wanna put your name first in the credits you're going to be the person I question about the episode where Rom and Quark repeatedly ask their elderly mother to get naked for their comfort, obstensibly because of wildly misogynistic Ferengi culture; still though, Rick, what the fuck was that, man? I love Moogie but this is awful.
End of Season 4, beginning of season 5 has the Keiko O'Brien is pregnant arc, which becomes the uhm. Kira Nerys is carrying Keiko O'Brien's baby after an accident during a mission and She Has To Keep Doing That because Bajoran's uhm, [checks notes] have a short gestation period that creates a lot more blood vessels connecting the mother and fetus; so removing the baby again would make Nerys bleed to death. I So Badly want to question what that could possibly mean for Bajoran pregnancy terminations but I just don't have the time or (lack of) sanity to go down that path. My point is the arc is uncomfortable, it makes me see O'brien and Nerys interact in uncomfortable ways that I Do Not want to see them interact in.

I wanna talk about Crossfire? I really wanna talk about the Season 4 episode Crossfire. It's an Odo/Kira episde. Hate those. But like It's a bad one, it's a bad one. Sadly I've got to do some rewatching including of the episode in question before I write a post about it. I think it will be fun to make myself suffer and rewatch Odo/Kira episodes just so that I can write an angry Dyke rant about why they are bad episodes and their romance also, is bad. Mostly my argument amounts to; please stop making me watch the mushy goo face have face journeys his costuming is very limiting to his ability to preform facial emotions that I am capable of sympathizing with, rather than cracking the fuck up at. A little bit of it is part of the cheese and charm of 90s Trek. Entire episodes of it are a little much.

So like S5E3 is good. It brings back Grilka and honestly I think her and Quark are a weird kind of cute, and it's a Jadzia/Worf episode. If you ask me those are actually the two most tolerable couples in DS9. Not that I don't enjoy Benjamin Sisko and Kasidy Yates, they're cute, I just think Benjamin's romances tend to be. Boring. I feel that way about most of the "Captain"s romances. The side characters in old Trek just get to have more fun in their romantic lives. All of the side romances in Voyager are better than any of the actual romances Janeway gets (All Chakotay gets to my memory is Bait. It's good bait but it's still just bait).

So if you haven't noticed the way I write these blog posts is leaving Visual Studio Code open for hours to days at a time, depending on how it's going. And I just kind of dump thoughts into here. I've written several full posts but they were very messy and personal and I decided they'd be better living in my journal rather than a public blog. It's very nice and also leads to a lot of jumping, despite staying focused on mainly Star Trek for the length of my published blogs. This paragraph is just a soft transition back to me talking about the most tortured man in Star Trek: Miles O'Brien.

I stand by that. Miles O'Brien over his Starfleet career watches himself die How Many Times? At least twice in the first two seasons of DS9; then he gets 20 years of traumatic prison memories implanted in his head; He's got wife problems his baby got womb hot-swapped, his wife got possessed by a Bajoran ghost, he's more potato than man! Miles O'Brien deserves to resign in season 3 of DS9 at the Latest. I haven't even watched TNG as an adult, I can't even mention other things that happened to O'Brien in his original debut. He is haunted, he is an asshole, I want him to retire to play darts in an Irish pub until his heart gives out on him. From the stress that hardened his arteries. Oh my God. Holy Shit. Is the episode immediately after Miles O'Brien's wife gets possessed by an Evil Bajoran ghost a fucking tribble episode? I watch Miles O'Brien under-go traumatic event #34 this fiscal quarter (as measured by Quark's betting pool on when various Starfleet officers will suffer nervous breakdowns) and then theres a Tribble Episode with a PUN NAME??

I am a prison abolitionist and question the ethics of criminalizing most activities and what criminalization means-- However, binge watching Deep Space Nine as I have been doing, should be illegalized. It must only be run in randomized Re-Run blocks on the BBC America at 2 to 4pm. To spare others from the whiplash I just got hit with.

Oh this is. This is the episode where they go back in time to TOS. My complaints have lessened but not enough to reconsider my stance on banning '90s Trek from binge watch formats.

Sept. 21, 21;

Well yesterday was an utterly horrible no good terrible day. At least it seems to have resulted in some sort of peace between my girlfriend and her dad. It just took 3 weeks of developing new PTSD symptoms for them to finally have an Adult conversation. Yes, yes I am mad at both of them for taking this long to accomplish such a little task. But at least it's done now. Broad strokes of yesterday: I had two panic attacks, a hysterical breakdown, and was fully prepared to commit crimes. I did not commit crimes. Yesterday was the first time in months that I've needed a cigarette. I haven't had any, still want one desperately; I was going to order myself some breakfast as a Comfort that won't make me stink and dissappoint my girlfriend, but, sadly, my favorite breakfast chain is closed. If they don't open before everyone else in the house wakes up then my plan of a Just For Me Meal is truly dead in the water. Not that there aren't other chains; but only Dunkin has sweet tea that they'll put flavored syrup in for you.

So I've given up on both the cigarettes and the Tea. I'm instead going to smoke So much weed. I think the relaxation of my perpetually tensed back muscles will be, a close enough imitation of what I want. I deserve it after yesterday. Once my household wakes up, I think I'll just get a gas station breakfast. It's cheaper anyway.

Wanna talk about DS9 after that? :-)

I'm on the episde Prophet Motive, or as my friend Mags put it; the soyification of the rules of acquisition. It's a very fun episode, I love seeing Quark and Rom scheme together. I also missed seeing Rom, he's a bit absent in Season 3. I'm also glad to have a ferengi episode where the word "females" is said less than a dozen times. Now the Ferengi have problems, like, a lot of problems. Most alien races in Star Trek, unsurprisingly, have big issues; often relating to racism. I mean, I adore klingons but there are plenty of things to be said about them and blackface. For Ferengi it's antisemitism, for Cardassians it's the theft of south asian aesthetics for a Big Bad Fascist Villian Society. I could go on. I won't though. The entireity of Star Trek is fairly progressive for the times it was produced, but it's still got oh so many juicy problems just all over the place.

Oh, except for when it wasn't? Remember Rick Berman? That weird conservative who took control of Trek in the 90s and ruined any chance of Bashir and Garak being lovers and, basically every progressive part of 90s Trek. If you're unfamilar with Berman, I recommend This Video by Renegade Cut on youtube for a thorough look at 90s Trek and Berman's control over it. He's also got a video about Odo being a fasicst collaborator that I highly recommend. Berman also made Enterprise in the '00s and I can say, happily, that the only exposure I have had to Enterprise was through an Ex who was explicitly trying to annoy me after an arguement about Captain Katheryn Janeway. But those, maybe three episodes total, were enough to show me that I would like to rip Rick Berman's throat out with my teeth.

I think when it comes to Star Trek we can see just a lovely tone trend, TOS: Optimistic, TNG: Optimistic, DS9: Cynical, VOY: NIHILISTIC. This isn't to say that all series don't have some kind of optimism in them, since the foundation of the Future depicted by Star Trek is idealistic; or that they don't often have episodes that end on optimistic notes. DS9 still tries to be optimistic, but the setting of a post-fascist-occupation starbase is much more cynical than a science ship, isn't it? VOY tries to be optimistic but very often settles into nihilism about the idea of escaping the Delta Quadrant and with reguards to the inhabitants of it. VOY also suffers from messy character writing and a lack of cohesion among the writing staff, seen most easily through Kathryn Janeway. How many times does she have consistent morals and motives? How the fuck does what she did to Tuvix align with the character Kathryn Janeway as established? What in the fuck is Tom Paris? (A: Berman Insert).

I love Star Trek but jeeze from the way I talk about it I think it's understandable if you think I don't. Just wait till I finally rewatch Star Wars.

Sept. 19, 21;

To go back to what I said in my first blog, you know, with reguards to starting new projects rather than finishing ones in progress, here is a small, incomplete list of all of the ideas I have had within the last Nine Hours:

As I write now I am still having more ideas for pages to write (at some point I will make my digital dream blunt rotation just so that I can leave it open while I smoke weed. I don't know if that will get onto this website but, by God I will write the page). And to remind you, my in progress projects at present include: The Achewood...thing, Neopets Shrine [landing finished, 2 pages are in progress, 5 more are planned], Button Box [layout needs rewritten since I decided to put some buttons on my about], a guides page, and a links page.

In the past on other projects I praised myself for being so good at knowing my scope and what was achievable for me realistically. Doesn't sound like I'm talking about the same person, anymore. I'm going to say its more passion than losing my sense of scope, since I still know the types of pages that are achievable to my current skill level in HTML/CSS and have planned all of my ideas accordingly. I'm actually quite pleased for once to be overwhelming myself with ideas I can barely keep straight, it seems I've finally discovered that oft-spoken of rarely-seen Ambition. I think I have ambitions for this website. None of any sort of grandeur or reach, but just of how perfectly whole it can be. Seems I do have drive and goals, just none aligned with successful existence in a capitalist society.

Moving on, I'm still re-watching DS9; my girlfriend and I have gotten into asynchronous sleep schedules so while I'm up all night I put it on. Puts her to sleep and only distracts me with the rare Episode I Love; the names? I have no idea. There are several in season 2 though. I sort of hate Bashir focused episodes but also I can't look away from them; probably because at this point in the series they also heavily include Garak (My Beloved). There are episodes with plots I really love (i.e Odo Befriends A Little Girl and she is a hologram and he gives a speech about lifeforms and types of life and FUCK if I don't cry every time I see him turn into a spinning top for her at the end), while not loving most episodes focused on those characters. I love Odo because he gets some Goodies but also, like, he is a bastard; see post below; and a lot of Odo focused episodes are bad. There are some Bashir and O'Brien episodes that are Fun, but, like. Does anyone look forward to rewatching that b-plot where O'Brien and Bashir have this weirdly intense raquetball rivalry, but only on O'Brien's side? Do we really need to see a middle aged O'Brien get insecure because Bashir is a fuckin' jock? I hope that's a b-plot. I don't, but if you do I get it they have the Banter. They've got bantz, its fun. I just think their dynamic is kinda weird.

But mostly I love episodes focused on my favorite characters, because of course I do. And as a Gender: Dyke I believe I'm obligated, legally, to have those favorite characters be Kira Nerys and Jadzia Dax. Also Benjamin Sisko; he's probably my favorite man in Trek (Neelix, Tuvok, and Tuvix are all tied for second). I really love the Jadzia Dax episode where she has a Trill initiate, I quite actively watched that entire one last night. I really like the parts of her personality on display throughout the episode. Jadzia Dax is just a really fun character; super hate seeing Bashir flirt with her because-; through the powers of projection; I can't read Jadzia as anything but a lesbian. But that's like a gimme, okay; She's got that whole episode with her ex-wife. And I will never stop being mad about the way Rick Berman treated Terry Farrell during the production of DS9. I will never stop being mad at Rick Berman's presence on Star Trek; everything he did to the series actively made it worse. The good parts of 90's Trek are just a testament to the rest of the production staff and crew, really. I've tried very hard to think of a Kira episode I love, all I've come up with is Crossover and that's because I want to kiss Evil Kira sooo bad I look stupid. If I recall, she gets more episodes I enjoy in season 3; season 2 is a little focused on her relationship with Vadek Barielle and I can't stand his ass. As I've composed this post I have finished season two and moved on to three. What do I think of the ending of season two? :-) If I hear "The Dominion" mentioned I tune out and I think I'm stronger for it.

Not to derail myself but I just switched back to my stream and--

Goodness me, how did I forget that hair change for the season three debut? How many m2 of ozone did Terry's stylist destroy for this look? Is that front teased? It looks like it could make use of techniques similar to those seen in late 1800s - very early 1900s hairstyles, but also has some sort of large rolled curl on the back nape of her neck. It also looks uncomfortable. If you're familiar with Trek, you know this kind of derailing incredulousness is not uncommon for me. Star Trek sure did things to hair.

If I had anything else to say it has been clean powerwashed out of my brain wrinkles by my pondering about the mechanics behind that volume and what, on the back, appears to be loose weaving of some-sort. I'm glad I have my undercut and top-knot keeping me well out of the realm of such intensive styling.