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Welcome to the Tech directory of my blog. Here will be my rants about software, internet stuff, and like cool hardware, or whatever. Separate from Linux posting for the sanity of my Windows using loved ones.

Nov. 11, 21;

Okay, so a quick Informal Post before I get to making a whole webpage about it;

Ya ever Hear of RetroShare ?

Probably not, considering. RetroShare is a p2p network with chat, email, forums and more built ontop of it. You can share files with anyone in your network, thanks to retroshare being built from the ground up on peer-to-peer file transfers. Some of us in the Yesterweb Discord Server are working on establishing a Yesterweb network for those of us apart of this particular corner of the 'smallweb'.

Above is a screenshot of the Yesterweb RetroShare Forum; created just this morning :-D! Get in on the ground floor with this one folks--

No. I'll stop 'pitching'. Out of self love exclusively.

I'm actually deeply in love with this software, and feel comfortable on the internet for the first time in years, maybe even a full Decade. The death of Chatrooms was really devastating to how I use the internet. As well as my own IP ban from Chatango, but that's besides the point. Having a chatroom I can pop in and out of at any time is lovely. Having a customizable software it lives in is even better. Being able to use p2p transfers to share by Non Copyrighted Legal To Distribute Content to all of my friends? Even Better. Forums and Boards and Channels-- all of it properly decentralized, hosted on our own machines running their own nodes. No overhead, no ads, no infringments upon my digital life for corprate gain. It's a beautiful thing.

Sure this also makes the network potentially unstable, necessitating high interconnectivity between the nodes for optimal speeds and usage, but that just encourages you to make friends; explore the edges of your network for additional connections. In a way that's far more human than the never-ending search for content encouraged by social media. It means you can also have as big or as small of a network as you would like, a p2p network ends up mandating a level of trust; your IP isn't exactly hidden nor hard to find.

This shouldn't discourage you from using RetroShare, you may still use Tor to hide yourself and public areas like chatrooms and forums use personas; and you can absolutely make an anonymous persona. The only problem with using Tor is I believe it limits you to connecting to other Tor nodes, but I'm not sure, don't quote me.

On Linux Mint, running RetroShare, all of my problems were resolved by forwarding a port :) {And running a terminal command to ensure the FlatPak can access the directories I need it to.}

On Windows, the software seems to be a touch more problematic; you make expierence issues with DHT or file saving. If you have any issues with RetroShare or need someone outside of your LAN to test with, please send me an email and I'll get back to you with my advice or friend Key; or just wait! I plan to have a full page about RetroShare up sometime soon. Expect to see it join the Project Hell list soon.