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Posts about The Site, it's updates, and my struggles with maintenance.

Nov. 17, 21;

Okay the time has come to test how this directory will affect my blogging workflow. I don't anticipate it being too bad. I'll just have to keep on myself about updating the directory everytime I write a post, right? Oh, lets hope that goes well. Hopefully the topics I've given myself will help give me some focus in my blogging; I'm sure they will morph and change. This post is going to be a little directionless though, will probably end up filed under personal; let's see where I go with it.

Thanks to the folks in the Yesterweb I've gotten back in touch with a few additional old web hobbies; The Winter site theme will have a chatbox; it will not be my nostalgic Chatango hosting it though; I don't know how to get their chats working on my current system and I don't feel like providing troubleshooting advice for both my https banning guestbook {please email me if you want to say something in the guestbook but don't want to use an unsecured form} and my ChatBox. So I'm using cbox. Seems to work on most machines and browsers and that's good enough for me. Hopefully it will provide an acceptable alternative to my guestbook for those who don't want to use an unsecured form.

That's all the winter home page will come with. I think I'll save any updates for the current layout for next Fall; because it's quite a cozy little Halloween theme. I'm Craving something a little more spacious and crisp for winter though. Seasonal layouts are a nice timed project with very reasonable deadlines. Happy to be doing them. Wow Jeez maybe people should live in time with seasonal changes--- No don't run away I'm not a real primmie I swear; look I use CSS Animations!

I'm very happy to be spending my time on this site rather than other social medias; even if it does mean I feel like I'm missing out a little. I shouldn't let FOMO drive me to doom scroll through Tumblr though. moving to healthier webspaces is certainly an effort but it is one that I'm finding very rewarding. I'm greatly enjoying using retroshare and group chats and even Email.

Retroshare has a certain learning curve so I can't recommend it to most casual users; but anyone whos used a p2p torrenting client to Legally acquire public domain materials should be comfortable with its p2p networking. Unless you are using retroshare to violate some sort of copyright, which of course you should never do, there's no real need to use a hidden Tor node and port forwarding and precluding the use of a VPN should be safe and fine, especially if you only allow direct connections from folks you know and trust. Some VPNs do allow you to use a port forward though; I suggest looking into them if that's interesting to you; I may or may not get around to a guide or two.

I just really love the ease of creation I'm expierencing with HTML and CSS. While I am becoming tempted by the darkside of server backed web 2.0 capabilities like PhP; none of the content I wish to currently make or host would require such abilities. I just find them intriguing is all. My next step will probably have to be into JavaScript; but I think that can wait. I've got several cool CSS use cases to study and attempt to implement; alongside a few guides, classes, courses even. But to be completely honest with you I have more material to study than I know what to do with. Perhaps some kind of project to organize and sche-- No. No more projects. For now at least; I'm starting to feel overwhelmed again with all my new ideas since I 'finished' the Neopets shrine.

Maybe I can do some Star Trek Reviews. As a treat.

After I finish the winter layout about page update :-) I gave myself a deadline of december 21st since that's the first day of winter, technically, but if you ask me winter starts when November starts. And how fun would it be to be done with a project long before my self imposed due-date rather than long after. What a dream. I'm getting a bit of a rush just thinking about it.

Think I'm going to call it here and try to push this post before bed. If you see this before the Evening of the 17th, I have succeeded for it is currently the wee hours of the AM.
I think this belongs more in site.html, don't you?

Oct. 11, 21;

Well if it hasn't been a week! I did get my links page up. About a week ago. So that's around for you to go check out, I'll be doing some web diving sometime soon to fill out out some-more, also probably add some Linux resources links; or save those for the Linux Page I am writing.

Yeah I'm writing a Linux page. I want something that will quickly and easily explain all of the concepts of Linux to my friends who do a lot of computing but aren't "good at computers", as well as explain the process of dual booting/migrating from windows to Linux. Considering that Windows 11 Is a disgusting mess of an Operating System I hope it will be of help to those of us who love and miss XP/7. I'm just big mad that basically every Linux resource, even for distros that are supposed to be accessible and friendly like Mint, treats you like you must be very very familiar with computers, or like you are a child annoying your older brother by asking for help. It's written in the same tone I carry with me through all web efforts; long-winded yet informal infodumps. My friends who are serving as my "beta readers", to steal the term, have said it's good and easy to follow, so hopefully I can keep it that way when I get into the nitty-gritty of partitioning for dual booting.

Aside from that, the terrible-awful-no-good menstruation ended and I'm okay with liking Star Trek again, but I don't actually have any Star Trek to talk about right now. Hopefully soon here I'll go back to having some alone time in the mornings to watch and write about Star Trek. I've recieved some wonderful early birthday gifts, I bought a frame loom, dyed my hair, and have been keeping my kitchen clean. My dearest girlfriend had to get teeth pulled quite urgently so that's been an incredible distraction for the last week. Hopefully things will settle down and I'll spend my birthday contentedly weaving and coding and watching DS9.

Sept. 19, 21;

To go back to what I said in my first blog, you know, with reguards to starting new projects rather than finishing ones in progress, here is a small, incomplete list of all of the ideas I have had within the last Nine Hours:

As I write now I am still having more ideas for pages to write (at some point I will make my digital dream blunt rotation just so that I can leave it open while I smoke weed. I don't know if that will get onto this website but, by God I will write the page). And to remind you, my in progress projects at present include: The Achewood...thing, Neopets Shrine [landing finished, 2 pages are in progress, 5 more are planned], Button Box [layout needs rewritten since I decided to put some buttons on my about], a guides page, and a links page.

In the past on other projects I praised myself for being so good at knowing my scope and what was achievable for me realistically. Doesn't sound like I'm talking about the same person, anymore. I'm going to say its more passion than losing my sense of scope, since I still know the types of pages that are achievable to my current skill level in HTML/CSS and have planned all of my ideas accordingly. I'm actually quite pleased for once to be overwhelming myself with ideas I can barely keep straight, it seems I've finally discovered that oft-spoken of rarely-seen Ambition. I think I have ambitions for this website. None of any sort of grandeur or reach, but just of how perfectly whole it can be. Seems I do have drive and goals, just none aligned with successful existence in a capitalist society.

Moving on, I'm still re-watching DS9; my girlfriend and I have gotten into asynchronous sleep schedules so while I'm up all night I put it on. Puts her to sleep and only distracts me with the rare Episode I Love; the names? I have no idea. There are several in season 2 though. I sort of hate Bashir focused episodes but also I can't look away from them; probably because at this point in the series they also heavily include Garak (My Beloved). There are episodes with plots I really love (i.e Odo Befriends A Little Girl and she is a hologram and he gives a speech about lifeforms and types of life and FUCK if I don't cry every time I see him turn into a spinning top for her at the end), while not loving most episodes focused on those characters. I love Odo because he gets some Goodies but also, like, he is a bastard; see post below; and a lot of Odo focused episodes are bad. There are some Bashir and O'Brien episodes that are Fun, but, like. Does anyone look forward to rewatching that b-plot where O'Brien and Bashir have this weirdly intense raquetball rivalry, but only on O'Brien's side? Do we really need to see a middle aged O'Brien get insecure because Bashir is a fuckin' jock? I hope that's a b-plot. I don't, but if you do I get it they have the Banter. They've got bantz, its fun. I just think their dynamic is kinda weird.

But mostly I love episodes focused on my favorite characters, because of course I do. And as a Gender: Dyke I believe I'm obligated, legally, to have those favorite characters be Kira Nerys and Jadzia Dax. Also Benjamin Sisko; he's probably my favorite man in Trek (Neelix, Tuvok, and Tuvix are all tied for second). I really love the Jadzia Dax episode where she has a Trill initiate, I quite actively watched that entire one last night. I really like the parts of her personality on display throughout the episode. Jadzia Dax is just a really fun character; super hate seeing Bashir flirt with her because-; through the powers of projection; I can't read Jadzia as anything but a lesbian. But that's like a gimme, okay; She's got that whole episode with her ex-wife. And I will never stop being mad about the way Rick Berman treated Terry Farrell during the production of DS9. I will never stop being mad at Rick Berman's presence on Star Trek; everything he did to the series actively made it worse. The good parts of 90's Trek are just a testament to the rest of the production staff and crew, really. I've tried very hard to think of a Kira episode I love, all I've come up with is Crossover and that's because I want to kiss Evil Kira sooo bad I look stupid. If I recall, she gets more episodes I enjoy in season 3; season 2 is a little focused on her relationship with Vadek Barielle and I can't stand his ass. As I've composed this post I have finished season two and moved on to three. What do I think of the ending of season two? :-) If I hear "The Dominion" mentioned I tune out and I think I'm stronger for it.

Not to derail myself but I just switched back to my stream and--

Goodness me, how did I forget that hair change for the season three debut? How many m2 of ozone did Terry's stylist destroy for this look? Is that front teased? It looks like it could make use of techniques similar to those seen in late 1800s - very early 1900s hairstyles, but also has some sort of large rolled curl on the back nape of her neck. It also looks uncomfortable. If you're familiar with Trek, you know this kind of derailing incredulousness is not uncommon for me. Star Trek sure did things to hair.

If I had anything else to say it has been clean powerwashed out of my brain wrinkles by my pondering about the mechanics behind that volume and what, on the back, appears to be loose weaving of some-sort. I'm glad I have my undercut and top-knot keeping me well out of the realm of such intensive styling.

Sept. 13, 21; Getting Things Up

I have fallen prey to the most annoying of follies for a creative. I keep starting projects and never finishing anything. I don't expect to finish at least one of my projects for several months, but one of the others I did kind of expect more progress on by now. I always have hope that maybe telling people about one of my ideas will get me to actually finish it out. I am incorrect this time; I was incorrect the last 500 times. I am technically working on an [incoherent hemming and hawing] about Achewood; sort of, kinda, if you squint at my notes and pretend they are comprehensible. Reading it is just the first step and I'm still only on the comics from '06! (Just finished re-reading The Great Outdoor Fight today, beautiful arc). I have so much to say already, and this is only compounded by the fact that a lot of the media I've been 'consuming' as of late is absurdist comedy from the '00s. I'm noticing kind of an incredible throughline of toxic masculinity that isn't so prominent in other genres even of the time! Absurdist comedy in the '00s kind of relied exclusively on the comedy of men being utterly horrific! It's no wonder men hold no appeal for me; I was raised on this stuff.

If I start going off now I won't stop honestly, I've got Aqua Teen Hunger Force playing on another monitor (thanks Love for falling asleep with it on) and it makes me want to scream from the roof-tops about the fact adult animation in the '00s almost exclusively protrayed abusive male friendships with women in some sort of proximity but with their only traits defined as wives, daughters, mothers, or "fuckable" (Or the rife with comedic potential "unfuckable"; because there's not enough jokes about ugly women until every man in media production has written one). Instead I will leave it at this: if you feel society has been in the same horrifically misogynistic and homophobic place for the last 20 years; go watch some old William's Street animations. The progress of the last 20 years will be so starkly visible you'll... well, probably just feel intense and visceral disgust towards the years 2002-2007.

Don't actually; I just do this because I have problems disorder and the incredible ability to just cringe and bear it when it comes to what we were calling humor 20 years ago.

Aside from that I'm working on some neopets stuff, a blinky collection, a button collection, more Kev Smith Huge Jorts glitters, a guides page; none of them progressing as fast as I had hoped. Which is perfectly alright! There is no deadline on personal site content, I just need to make it as I please! But I'm annoyed by the stalling because it's due to external factors I have no control over; I'm just in a kind of constantly stressful situation now, so stringing thoughts together is difficult at best. No matter what, it will be resolved when this lease ends and I can get through a problem with a clear and hard end-date. My roommate may not but that's neither here nor there.