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Oct. 11, 21;

Well if it hasn't been a week! I did get my links page up. About a week ago. So that's around for you to go check out, I'll be doing some web diving sometime soon to fill out out some-more, also probably add some Linux resources links; or save those for the Linux Page I am writing.

Yeah I'm writing a Linux page. I want something that will quickly and easily explain all of the concepts of Linux to my friends who do a lot of computing but aren't "good at computers", as well as explain the process of dual booting/migrating from windows to Linux. Considering that Windows 11 Is a disgusting mess of an Operating System I hope it will be of help to those of us who love and miss XP/7. I'm just big mad that basically every Linux resource, even for distros that are supposed to be accessible and friendly like Mint, treats you like you must be very very familiar with computers, or like you are a child annoying your older brother by asking for help. It's written in the same tone I carry with me through all web efforts; long-winded yet informal infodumps. My friends who are serving as my "beta readers", to steal the term, have said it's good and easy to follow, so hopefully I can keep it that way when I get into the nitty-gritty of partitioning for dual booting.

Aside from that, the terrible-awful-no-good menstruation ended and I'm okay with liking Star Trek again, but I don't actually have any Star Trek to talk about right now. Hopefully soon here I'll go back to having some alone time in the mornings to watch and write about Star Trek. I've recieved some wonderful early birthday gifts, I bought a frame loom, dyed my hair, and have been keeping my kitchen clean. My dearest girlfriend had to get teeth pulled quite urgently so that's been an incredible distraction for the last week. Hopefully things will settle down and I'll spend my birthday contentedly weaving and coding and watching DS9.

Oct. 4, 21;

It took me until the third to boot back into windows; she's still working [Very upset about losing 500gb all of a sudden though], so that's good. I really only need to boot back into windows to do art stuff and well, turns out I don't do a lot of art stuff other than editing old web assets at the moment, so GNU IMP is perfectly acceptable, despite its much worse official name than the one I have just assigned it. But it's just fine for making old images transparent and I'm sure I'll figure out how to use it to make glitter texts sooner than later. I've also been working on a Linux theme that matches my personal site because, if I have nothing else I have a consistent digital aesthetic.

I'm quite pleased with the results for a Theme made within the same week as first downloading Linux. I know next to nothing about GTK3 so I am just getting by by editing the Mint-X-Purple theme into a Mint-X-Jhudora theme. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to change my file directory panel of the file explorer window though. I'm sure I will sooner or later, but it is controlled by GTK2/3 and not Cinnamon. That's all I've figured out. But I'll very happily live with a gray file panel when the rest of my computer is gorgeous purple and lime. Aside from that I'm using the Starkmenu applet because I really enjoy switching between the windows 7 style start menu and the MATE style one; the default cinnamon menu is fine, but what's the point if I can't see my beautiful user Icon outside of my lock-screen.

What else do I have to talk about? I bailed on DS9 because I remembered I really truly cannot stand season 7. Rewatched a touch of Voyager, love Voyager still. I've got things I like, want to talk about with Star Trek, but I've also been violently hyperfixated on Star Trek for what is nearing a month at this point, so I'm starting to feel dreadfully annoying talking about it! Even to myself in my visual studio code! Insane, I know. No, not much is going on with me aside from the painful phase of a fixation where I intentionally let it whither and die because I am deeply and utterly terrified of being annoying about nerd shit. It's unaided by the fact I'm having the worst period ever, but don't worry about that, I'm just a touch hormonally sensitive.

I'm sure once this whole terrible-awful-no-good mensturation subsides I'll be back to excitedly yammering about my beloveds on DS9.

Oh, I'm also working on a links page again so hopefully I'll have that up at some point this week, I haven't been able to get myself to suffer through writing all the address tags and descriptions, but the layout is done.

Sept. 29, 21;

So I use linux now. Yeah so, I just kind of jump face first into doing new things with no warning to myself or others, aside from a short passing interest before the storm. I had a bit of one this time, spent the last week or so occasionally looking into linux stuff, and admiring some linux rigs in the Yesterweb Discord. So today I just decided to dual boot Linux Mint and Windows 10. I'm not going to exclusively switch to Linux since I enjoy gaming and hate trying to emulate an updating OS. And I did. I did it kinda messily and by the seat of my pants, but that seems to be how I live my life, despite wishing to be a very careful and planned person. I should have shrunk my windows drive partion in windows instead of doing it in the linux mint installer; but it went fine and I've given myself plenty of space for my linux. Is my windows install safe? Data all still there? :-)

I haven't checked.

And I don't care.

Linux mint is running fine, and honestly if I destroyed my windows partition and data and install like. I might just switch to gaming exclusively on my switch. No in that case I would probably start using Wine and other, such methods. I've got Visual Studio Code, Discord and Firefox so far and that's honestly all I really need for my daily use. Some of my asset creation that I like to do for my site [That you haven't seen yet but soon I promise!], requires GIMP; preferably, I enjoy photoshop for its workflow, so that's another reason for the dual boot. I haven't tested if my particular graphics tablet will play nicely with Linux yet either, so here's hoping for when I do get around to it. Really I'm just having a blast. Linux Mint does seem like it was an excellent choice for me, someone who has been in the Windows environment my whole computing life (aside from school lessons using Mac OS). The cinnamon desktop environment is gorgeous, and the themes are so interesting, I haven't installed any yet but I certainly have my eyes on a Windows XP look-a-like; the OS I first learned on. Hopefully my affair with Linux Mint will continue happily for a long time.

Because I am so sick of Windows 10. Don't even make me think about Windows 11. Immediately in using Linux Mint I've noticed preformance improvements to my Web Browsing (something my machine should be more than capable of with Any OS.) The only time my system lags with Mint so far is when I'm updating software. And I can live with leaving my computer totally alone while it preforms updates. One of my major grieviences with Windows 10, is that when you let it idle it starts eating up your Disk cycles and CPU for it's background processes. When you are running Win10 off of a single HDD instead of using an SSD or a combination of the two, that means coming back to your PC after it's been idling Sucks. So much. My PC will frequently take a minute and a half to return to usability after an Idle cycle, and up to three for actual preformance. I haven't left Linux idling yet but, for some reason, I don't think that problem will occur. Because Linux, being a respectful fucking System, doesn't do shit I don't want it to, haven't asked it to, and that it doesn't really need to do.

I don't want Windows to constantly use my disk to index my files to make my searches just a little bit faster, I don't search, I use directories and know where my shit lives. I don't want windows to use my network while I'm downloading something to update its little News Tray full of articles I did not ask for and reactions from other users 🤮. I know where to go for my news and I most certainly don't want any aspect of my OS to resemble Facebook of all things. Cortana? No. No I don't want that. I especially don't want to have to go into my registry to remove it either. So I'm content with my semi-migration to Linux, even if it does mean rebooting my PC to use Photoshop.

Very happy to have an OS to retreat to that doesn't try to barrage me with The Internet. I like the Internet, I do not like The Internet being part of my start menu. It's nice to not have advertisements built into my fucking computer. It's very very nice to know that not a single button on my operating system is going to Suddenly expose me to an image of Donald Trump and a headline that makes my blood boil; no, I have to go through multiple steps to expose myself to that kind of content now. The way computers should be. If you've been reluctant to jump to Linux but you are a competent PC User, I can highly recommend Linux Mint to you. Just spend a minute reading about drive partitioning and Linux File systems; Command Line knowledge is actually pretty optional for Linux Mint but I am finding it more tempting by the hour. If this post encourages you to make the jump, feel free to email me about your expierence and with questions :-) I'm very happy to research things and gather resources to answer questions.

You'll probably have better luck in the Linux Mint IRC though.